Happy New Year!

Join us for the High Holidays

(Indoors and Outdoors)

Located at 

716 Ditmas Ave (Between East 7th Street and East 8th Street)


Rabbi's Message

Throughout history, Jewish UNITY has always helped us during the most challenging times. It's our turn to show up TOGETHER to overcome the challenges of today.

With you, our communal prayer will be that much stronger for G‑d to grant us and our families a Healthy, Happy, Sweet, and Prosperous yea ahead. Shana Tova u'Metuka!



Service Schedule

Rosh Hashanah Eve  // Monday September 6

Candle Lighting: 7:01 pm

Evening Services: 7:15 pm 


Rosh Hashanah Day 1 // Tuesday, September 7

Morning Service: 9:30 am

Outdoor Partial Service: 11:00 am

Shofar Sounding: 11:45am

Kiddush Lunch (outdoor): Approx 1:30pm

Mincha Service: 5:00 pm

Candle Lighting: After 7:59 pm 


Rosh Hashanah Day 2 // Wednesday, September 8

Morning Service: 9:30 am

Outdoor Partial Services: 11:00 am

Shofar Sounding: 11:45am

Kiddush Lunch (outdoor): Approx 1:30pm

Mincha Service: 6:00 pm

Holiday Ends: 7:57 pm


Yom Kippur Night // Wednesday, September 15

Candle Lighting: 6:46 pm
Fast Begins: 7:00pm

Kol Nidrei Service: 7:00pm


Yom Kippur Day // Thursday, September 16

Morning Service: 9:30 am
Yizkor: 12:30 pm

Outdoor partial service: 11:00am-2:00pm

Afternoon and Neilah Services: 5:00pm

Outdoor partial service: 6:00pm

Yom Kippur / Fast Ends: 7:43 pm

Break The Fast (outdoor) Wed. Sept, 7:43p


Seat Reservations
Please note that we will be offering indoor and outdoor services. Due to the limited size of the indoor and outdoor property, seating will be very limited. Reservations are required.

Holiday Appeal
Increase your generosity of tzedakah (charity) during the High Holiday season. "Repentance, prayer, and charity take away the severity of the decree".

Holiday Guide




High Holiday Megasite