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  • The Rebbe received hundreds of letters every day, from people of every conceivable background, occupation and faith, asking for a blessing or guidance in all aspects of life.

    The Rebbe replied with thousands of notes and letters to people who turned to him for advice, guidance and blessing. The Rebbe’s correspondence deal with an array of topics that relate to all facets of life that include society, education, family, politics, livelihood, business, military service, art, Torah study and more. Many of these letters are published in 29 volumes of ‘Igrot Kodesh’ – ‘Holy & Sacred Letters’.

    Today people continue to request the Rebbe's Guidance and Blessings, in the age-old tradition of written prayer petitions at our Holiest Sites, or in our Holy Scriptures.

    Many people (religious and non religious) are turning to the Rebbe for guidance and blessings either by sending a note or visiting the Ohel or by consulting with the Rebbe through the 29 volumes of Igrot Kodesh. 

    Based on a ancient Jewish Tradition (also brought in Code of Jewish Law - Shulchan Aruch), that when one has a dilemma and seeks Divine advice, one can open one of our holy books and 'a divine prophecy' will guide the individual. The Rebbe mentioned this practice in the months leading and prior to his suffering a stroke in 1992. This became common practice by many Chasidim and Non-Chasidim alike. This practice must obviously be followed carefully, with proper guidance of Halacha etc. 

    Letters can be written in any language.

    Rabbi Moshe Chaim & Doba Levin are inviting anyone who would like a blessing or guidance from the Rebbe in your physical or spiritual needs, to contact them personally. They will be happy to assist, and have you write your request in a strictly confidential manner. 

    This confidential form will reach Rabbi Levin’s personal and confidential email.

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